Evaporative air conditioning is the natural way to cool your home, and it uses much less energy than other forms of cooling, so you can keep your power bills low and reduce your impact on the environment. The other great thing about evaporative cooling is that you get fresh, cool air coming into your home, not recycled stale air. And you can leave your doors and windows open!

Marty Nelson is a Seeley International dealer that offers three great evaporative cooling brands for you to choose from – Breezair, Braemar and Coolair. If you need a portable cooling solution, we make portable Convair evaporative air conditioners that really work.

If you’d like some help in figuring out which cooling option is right for you contact Marty today on 0417 449 075

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Evaporative cooling is an entirely natural method of cooling, using only air and water – to cool air through the simple principle of evaporation of water.

  • Hot air is drawn into the cooler and passes through water-moistened pads or specifically designed cells.
  • Some of the water evaporates, absorbing the heat as it does so, and cools the air.
  • A fan then blows this beautifully cooled air throughout the room/house and forces hot air out through open windows and doors.
  • Ducted evaporative air conditioning units are normally positioned on the roof with ducting throughout the roof space to direct air into the rooms of the home.



Breezair® units feature advanced technology and a range of unique and clever design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance of any similar air conditioner.

First and Only Evaporative Air Conditioner with InvertacoolTM  Inverter Technology Reducing Electricity Usage

  • Invertacool™ cleverly manages power consumption and eliminates the wasteful and costly stop-start-stop sequence of old-fashioned systems generating greatly reduced energy use and genuine cost savings.
  • Refrigerated systems with inverter technology use less electricity than those without inverter, but still use a significant amount more electricity than Breezair evaporative air conditioners.
  • A Breezair Icon series evaporative air conditioner uses up to 90% less electricity than refrigerated units (including split systems and reverse cycle air conditioning) and up to 40% less electricity than conventional ducted evaporative air conditioning systems (without an inverter).

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